Don’t Throw in the Towel, Just Pick Another Recruiter

Posted On April 4, 2022

by Will Gowin

Not all recruiters are created equal.  Sometimes when you work with a staffing firm you get that recruiter that makes all kinds of promises and never delivers and sometimes, never even calls you back.  Don’t sweat it.  Just call back the staffing firm and ask for a new recruiter and have your information transferred over to them.  If asked why, don’t throw the bad recruiter under the bus, but just state that you feel there wasn’t a connection and you wanted a fresh start.  Keep in mind, this does not mean that all of a sudden you will get tons of job opportunities thrown your way.  It just means that you are hopefully working with a new recruiter that under promises and over delivers.  Still you need to manage your expectations.

When I recruit, I always tell each job seeker that I “might call you tomorrow with three job opportunities; next week with one; or you might not hear from me in six months.  It is to my best interest to place you with one of my clients.  That’s how I make a living.”  Recruiters talk to hundreds of people that are looking each week and there is no way they can stay in touch with everyone.  Just be patient and let your recruiter work for you and do their best to match you with an opportunity.  Also, don’t put all your “eggs in that recruiter’s basket.”  They should only one of several staffing firms that you are working with, let alone other resources you should be using to obtain job opportunities like: job boards, networking, targeting companies and more.

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