Don’t Just Be Another Number With Recruiters

Posted On March 27, 2022

By Will Gowin


So many job seekers overlook a superb additional tool to aid in their active or passive search for a new career opportunity… recruiters or what some people call headhunters.  Even though there are some great recruiters out there, there are definitely some bad ones too.  Here is a tip when working with these guys.


Don’t just be another number.  A lot of recruiters are “just doing the numbers.”  That means they are filling their databases with candidates for the next job opening they might be trying to fill.  Sometimes staffing firms put general “job openings” on their website or other job boards just so their recruiters can collect people and fill their databases with individuals they typically place.  So, how do you deal with this?  You politely ask if they are filling a specific opening or are they looking to gather candidates for the next possible job requirement.  Ask them to be honest with you because they expect you to be honest in return.  This just helps to manage your expectations as well as let the recruiter know that you know what’s “going on.”


Being a recruiter for so long myself, it was refreshing to work with people that understood our industry, where you did not have to explain everything and field calls from individuals everyday asking, “you got a job for me”?  If the recruiter has a position that is a fit for you, it is to their benefit to contact you and go over the particulars.  That recruiter makes money if he or she gets you placed.


If a recruiter is just filling their database, it’s alright, give them the information they are asking for and make sure the recruiter has your updated resume, if they don’t already have it.  Be precise to what you kind of opportunity you are looking for, what kind of commute you can handle and what salary you would like to obtain.  Be completely honest about everything in your background and work history.  It’s going to come out in a background check or interview anyway and you might just burn a bridge with the staffing firm/ recruiter or a potential employer if you are not forthcoming.  If the recruiter knows everything upfront they can do a better job in matching you with a job opportunity and get you hired.

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