Creative Professionals Express Yourself

Posted On June 4, 2022

by Betsy Thayer

Your resume is a reflection of yourself, whether it be a clean, neat layout with a professional tone; or a talent profile reflecting your specific capabilities.   Most professional resumes should only use neutral colors, with focus on a clean layout.  Creative professionals have a little more leeway with design or color.

For example, a graphic artist could include a logo or an original design layout.  An artist could include a small sample of their artwork as a header or footer.  Other professions are not left out completely; watermarks are becoming a popular distinction as well (Hint: do not make it so distracting that no one will take it seriously).  Creative professionals such as artists, photographers and the like benefit from a visually appealing sample of their ability.  After all, the resume is showcasing their talents.

One benefit to hiring a Professional Resume Writer is content editing.  Creative professionals might have a great original design for their resume, but content might be lacking.  The advantage of a Professional Resume Writer is the third-party review.  The writer can take a good resume and make it great!

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