Creative Professionals Express Yourself

Posted On June 4, 2022

by Betsy Thayer

Your resume is a reflection of yourself, whether it be a clean, neat layout with a professional tone; or a talent profile reflecting your specific capabilities.   Most professional resumes should only use neutral colors, with focus on a clean layout.  Creative professionals have a little more leeway with design or color.

For example, a graphic artist could include a logo or an original design layout.  An artist could include a small sample of their artwork as a header or footer.  Other professions are not left out completely; watermarks are becoming a popular distinction as well (Hint: do not make it so distracting that no one will take it seriously).  Creative professionals such as artists, photographers and the like benefit from a visually appealing sample of their ability.  After all, the resume is showcasing their talents.

One benefit to hiring a Professional Resume Writer is content editing.  Creative professionals might have a great original design for their resume, but content might be lacking.  The advantage of a Professional Resume Writer is the third-party review.  The writer can take a good resume and make it great!

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Optimism? In This Job Market?

Posted On June 2, 2022

by Betsy Thayer


It is a difficult time to be optimistic.  If you are unemployed, trying to find remote jobs can be a maddening endeavor.  It seems the longer you have been without a job, the harder it is to find one.  How do you escape the endless cycle?

You might be daunting to think there are so many people for so few open positions.  Why apply if 100 others are doing the same?  Even if you do score an interview what good is it if you never hear back from them?

Confidence is key in every interaction.  Interviews are no exception.  If you walk into the interview with the mindset that you will get the job it can only be to your benefit.  Make eye contact, sit up straight, and shake that hand like you mean it.  Another important tool is having prepared questions in advance.  Show the interviewer that you are well-versed in the subject and care about this potential opportunity.

Attire is another import component to the confidence.  Dress to impress and show the interviewer that you cared enough about the meeting to get dressed up.  Imagine if you walked into an interview wearing a wrinkled shirt and a tie with a mustard stain?  Now imagine walking into the interview with a pressed suit and a winning smile.  Which outfit would give you more confidence?

Giving yourself the necessary tools to be successful can help you get the job you want.

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